Natalie and the snowflake

Once autumn ends, winter begins. It gets colder outside. Frost forms on cars in the morning and roads start to get slippery. Every child eagerly awaits the first snow. But what they don’t know is that one day, something magical might arrive with the first snowflake.

A little girl named Natalie lived in the city. Her curly hair twisted in all directions and her blue eyes were as bright as a crystal well. Just then, she was sitting by the window, watching out for the arrival of first snow. Patiently, she gazed up at the sky, until it finally happened. The first snowflakes were falling from the sky, landing lightly on the ground. All the children were cheering and Natalie at her window cheered as well.

Natalie And The Snowflake
Natalie And The Snowflake

She wanted to touch the snow, so she opened her window and stuck her hand out through the small gap. She held out her palm and waited. Several tiny, cold snowflakes touched her fingers, but then something incredible happened. A big snowflake landed on her palm. It covered nearly her entire hand. It wouldn’t melt. Natalie stared at it in disbelief, leaving her palm outstretched.

Suddenly the snowflake rose, stood up on Natalie’s palm, stretched itself, and said: “That was one long trip! I’ve come down from the farthest cloud. I’m a magical snowflake. If you blow at me and make me fly, you can make a wish. What would you like to wish for, Natalie?”

The little girl was looking at her palm where the beautiful, magical snowflake stood. Then she took a deep breath and said: “I wish for…” “Wait, Natalie, don’t say anything. You must whisper your wish only to yourself. And then take a breath and blow as hard as you can, so that I may fly as far as possible. And as I take off, make your wish,” the snowflake interrupted.

The little red-haired girl closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and blew into her palm. The snowflake rose into the air, spinning like a feather in the wind. At the same time, Natalie whispered something to herself. For a little longer, she watched the falling snow.

The next morning when she got up, everything was white. It had been snowing all night and white color covered the entire landscape. Natalie’s mommy stepped into Natalie’s room and said: “I have the day off today. I don’t have to go to work. We’ll have a fun snow day together.” Natalie jumped out of her bed and hugged her mommy, full of happiness.

“That’s exciting! I’m so happy!” she skipped around her mom cheerfully. Suddenly something glittered in the window. When Natalie looked that way, she saw the magical snowflake on the windowsill. It waved at her, winked, and flew off on the wind. And that’s when Natalie understood. She’d wished for her mommy to have more time for her and was with her more. And the snowflake had fulfilled her wish. “Thank you,” Natalie whispered after the snowflake.

Perhaps a magical snowflake will fall onto your palm one day too. If that happens, close your eyes, blow into your palm, and make a wish.

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