The Rescued Princess

A Bedtimestory - The Rescued Princess

Children, you surely remember the story of the evil queen, Zelda the witch, who bewitched her beautiful daughter, Princess Julia. The wicked witch turned her into a dove and the princess lost her power to cast spells. For years, Princess Julia waited for someone to rescue her. When Prince Kristian from a nearby kingdom heard about this, he decided to rescue the beautiful princess.

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The Enchanted Princess

Tale for Reading - The Enchanted Princess

Once upon a time, long ago in a great castle, there lived an evil queen, Zelda the Witch. Queen Zelda had all kinds of magic, and that is why she ruled the whole castle. Everyone was afraid of her magic. They were afraid of her power, afraid that she could turn them into something, so they all obeyed her. Every army was defeated by the Queen’s power, so no one dared to oppose her. Her magic was powerful. 

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