Grandmother confectioner

On the edge of a village stood a beautiful little house. Every day, a wonderful smell wafted from it. It was so delicious that perhaps it was magical. It was the smell of cakes and cupcakes. The little house had a purple roof and was all pink. It looked like one big marshmallow.

My grandmother, a pastry chef, lived in the house and made the most magical and sweetest treats in the whole world. All the people in the village came to her for them. Granny the confectioner loved to bake. She mixed different ingredients and colours and every cake, every dessert was special. Grandma baked with joy and love. That’s why her treats were the best.

One day a little boy walked by the house. He was walking and looking sadly around. After a while, he sat down on the bench in front of the candy house and took in the delicious smell coming from it. Grandma noticed him right away. She came out in front of the house, sat down on the bench next to him and said: “It’s nice today, isn’t it? How the mood is lifted when the sun shines.” “Hmm,” the boy replied, still with his head down.

Fairy Tale For Children Grandmother confectioner
Grandmother confectioner, Annie I.

Grandma thought about it and then said: “Is it just me, or are you sad? If you tell me what’s bothering you, then I’ll know what kind of cake to bake to make you feel better.” The boy looked at his grandmother with his brown eyes and then began to explain, “I didn’t behave nicely. I have a little sister. We’ve done everything together so far. We’ve played games, learned, and helped each other. But then I was supposed to lend her my favourite toy and I didn’t want to. We had a fight about it and now we don’t talk to each other.”

“And you’re sorry?” asked Grandma. “Yes I am,” replied the boy. “And did you tell your little sister you were sorry?” Grandma continued. “No, we don’t talk,” said the little boy sadly.

The grandmother rose from the bench and walked thoughtfully to her candy store. After a while she came out holding a small package. In it was a pink cupcake. Then she sat back down on the bench and said, “Go home to your little sister. Tell her what you told me. That you’re sorry. Remember, the stronger person is the one who can apologise, not the one who can go the longest without speaking. And give this cupcake to your little sister. It’s a reconciliation cake. You’ll see it helps.” The boy thanked her very much, took the package and ran home. He did as grandmother told him.

A few days later, Grandma was sitting on a bench outside her candy store. The sun was warming her and she was enjoying the nice weather. Suddenly, two children approached her. They waved at her from a distance. It was the boy and his little sister. They walked together holding hands and smiling. They brought grandmother a flower they had picked and came to thank her for the delicious cake they had received from her. Grandma the cake maker was very happy to see them. And that the cake helped the reconciliation. The children have never forgotten that the power is not in not talking, but in apologising.

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