The Christmas Angel

A fairy tale about a Christmas angel and the fact that miracles can happen. Especially for Christmas.

It was the day before Christmas Eve, a white quilt of snow glistened outside. There was a pleasant smell of food and Christmas gingerbread on the streets, children were building snowmen, and people were singing carols. Jin’s eyes lit up at the sight of the big Christmas tree in the town square, but he immediately felt sad as he remembered that they wouldn’t have much at home this Christmas. They wouldn’t even have anything to put in their mouths if the old baker on the street didn’t take pity on the boy and his mother. He returned home carrying a warm loaf of bread and eggs in a canvas bag the baker had given him. A few years ago Jin’s father died, the family was not easy. What’s more, his mother also became seriously ill.

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Christmas of Jonathan the owl

About a wise owl who enjoyed a beautiful Christmas Day.

Owls don’t have an easy time in winter. Do you think they are just sleeping or resting in the warmth of their tree cavity? Well, you’re wrong. Yes, you won’t see an owl in the woods during the day, it doesn’t fly out until dusk, but then it really has something to look forward to. He has to keep his ears and his excellent eyesight open and fly silently through the woods. From the branches, she keeps a close eye out for rustling, so she can hunt for the best food. And since mice, voles and frogs are known to sleep in winter, the owl must wait until it can catch a bird. And that can take a long time.

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About the snowman

About the snowman that the children built before Christmas.

So we waited and the morning came when we don’t have to go to school. No homework, just time spent preparing for Christmas. Baking, cleaning and decorating our house is the duty of every household. However, there is one thing we love to do the most. Building a snowman. We open our eyes in the morning, have a quick breakfast and head out into the snow.

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The most beautiful tree

Before every Christmas, Annie’s mother baked several kinds of cookies, cleaned up, prepared decorations all over the apartment, and even took Annie for walks and to the hill behind the house to bobsled. But this year everything was different. The whole family will be moving to a different house. Annie will spend Christmas with her parents and little brother Alex in a new, big house in the village.

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