About the snowman

About the snowman that the children built before Christmas.

So we waited and the morning came when we don’t have to go to school. No homework, just time spent preparing for Christmas. Baking, cleaning and decorating our house is the duty of every household. However, there is one thing we love to do the most. Building a snowman. We open our eyes in the morning, have a quick breakfast and head out into the snow.

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The Enchanted Kingdom

Cute little snow princess. The enchanted kingdom.

Beyond the seven mountains and seven valleys there was once a great kingdom. But in spite of all the riches they had, life in the castle was sad and gloomy because the kingdom was cursed. It was cursed by an evil witch who had bewitched Christmas to be without snow. She was angry that she was the only one not invited to the birth of the king’s daughter, Magdalene.

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