The Enchanted Kingdom

Beyond the seven mountains and seven valleys there was once a great kingdom. But in spite of all the riches they had, life in the castle was sad and gloomy because the kingdom was cursed. It was cursed by an evil witch who had bewitched Christmas to be without snow. She was angry that she was the only one not invited to the birth of the king’s daughter, Magdalene.

Every year the fields and roads full of children frolicking in the snow turned into cold, empty, dark streets full of water and mud.

The little princess knew the white silk snow only from her parents’ stories, but she longed to experience the tiny cold snowflake melting on her delicate hand.

The older she got, the more and more determined she became to find a way to break the curse.

One evening, the day before Magdalene’s fifteenth birthday, as the sun dipped toward the earth, she went to the window and imagined the surrounding hills sprinkled with a fine fluff. The wind carried the snow clumps farther over the horizon.

The Enchanted Kingdom
The Enchanted Kingdom

Suddenly she thought she saw a small glimmering light that spoke to her. It was a tiny snowflake, stealthily sneaking out of the sky to help the princess break the curse.

She advised her to visit the wicked witch in the deep forest. The brave Magdalene didn’t hesitate and set off straight away.

After wandering in the forest for a long time, she came across an old wooden but scary house with lights in it. Despite her fear, the princess gathered her courage and knocked on the door. The creaking of the door told her she could enter.

She saw a witch sitting by the fire. She said she had been expecting her and knew she would come. The princess humbly apologized to her for the way her parents had acted in the past. And so they began to talk, with Magdalena telling her about her childhood experiences and the mischievous tricks that had accompanied her during her childhood.

Suddenly the princess had an idea. She invited the witch to her fifteenth birthday party, and as a sign of respect, she seated her next to her at the head of the table.

The witch said that she would think it over and in time she would know the answer. However, out of the corner of her eye, Magdalene caught a subtle but warm smile, which lasted only a moment. Magdalena agreed enthusiastically and returned home.

In the morning, when the princess opened her eyes, she could hear the joyful shouts of the children from behind the windows. She jumped out of bed, ran to the window and couldn’t believe her eyes. A bright white blanket of snow reflected the sunlight into every window in the kingdom. And so it appeared that the witch had finally forgiven the royal parents, accepted the invitation, and broke the curse.

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