A tale about sad Tessie

Kratke priče za laku noć - A tale about sad Tessie

Winter was over. The green grass started to grow everywhere, flowers bloomed in the meadows. The sun was getting warmer and warmer. In the kindergarten outside the window there sat Tessie, a little girl with fair hair, rosy cheeks and blue eyes that looked like wells. She always cheered up all the children in the kindergarten with her sweet smile. But she hasn’t been laughing much lately, and not at all today. She was looking sadly out of the window, her head leaning towards her hands and her eyes completely glassy, as if she wanted to cry.

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Skilled car mechanic Patrik

Priče za laku noć - Skilled car mechanic Patrik

Patrik was a small-town boy. He lived in a cozy house with his dad. They had a big garage next to their house and sign hanging above the garage that said, “The best mechanic in town.” Patrick’s daddy used to fix cars in the garage. People from all over the neighborhood would come to him with their cars because he could fix just about anything. Patrik always watched his daddy at work. He learned from him. Even when he was just a little boy, he was very handy and could fix a lot of things on his own.

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Thief on the farm

Kratke priče za laku noć - Thief on the farm

In a place very very far from here, beyond the deep woods, there was a farmhouse. Around it there were large fields. Potatoes and corn were grown on them. Several animals lived on this farm. There were sheep in the barn, a large dog kept watch by the shed, there were horses in the stables, and chickens and ducks ran around the yard. An old and wise farmer took care of them all. He was already a grandfather, but he still had plenty of work to do. Every holiday his grandson Paulie used to visit him. He helped his grandfather take care of the animals and the whole farm. He had many adventures on the farm. But one was the most exciting of all.

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A tale about the Hothead who changed

Kratke priče za djecu - A tale about the Hothead who changed

There once was a road around a small fairy-tale town. Big and small cars drove on it. Some trucks delivered goods and other smaller cars took people to work. In this fairy-tale town, people and cars were friends. They helped each other. The cars took people where they needed to go and the people took good care of the cars. They washed them, they filled them up with gas, they fixed them. In return, the cars tried to drive according to the rules. It was the most peaceful town. Until the Hothead came to town.

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A stingy little plane

Priče za laku noć - A stingy little plane

There was a small airfield far behind the village. There were two planes there. One was blue and the other was green. Everyone who knew them always called them Blue and Green. They were smaller planes. During the day, people could fly them if they wanted a scenic flight. They got on them and the planes carried them from village to village, town to town, across the sky. It was beautiful. But at night, the planes had a different life.

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The tale of a dragon

Bajke za djecu - The tale of a dragon

The story I’m about to tell you happened a long time ago. Back then, there were still a few dragons on earth. There weren’t many, but there were a few. They lived peacefully on the ground and tried not to be seen. Most people didn’t even know they existed. They didn’t show themselves to people. Only occasionally would someone catch a glimpse of them unexpectedly. Some lived in the woods. Others lived in the seas or lakes. One of the dragons stayed near the high cliffs. His home was inside a cave.

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Petra and her magic

Bajke za laku noć - Petra and her magic

At the end of the town there was a tall apartment building. It had several floors. But on the top floor, the eighth, something was different. The windows on this floor were decorated with beautiful coloured curtains. They sparkled in all directions with every glimpse of sunlight. Occasionally, lightning and strange luminous colors seemed to appear in those windows. Who lived there? A young girl named Petra. But she wasn’t just any girl. She was a good and kind witch.

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