Princess in the Tower

Princess In The Tower

In a fairy-tale realm beyond the ten hills and ten valleys stood a castle with the tallest tower in the world. In the tower lived a princess. A young and pretty girl. As she looked out of the tower window, her long black hair fluttered in the wind. She had lived in this tower for several years. She was imprisoned there by the king of the nearby kingdom.

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About the little red car

About The Little Red Car

Once upon a time there was a little blond boy named William who loved to play with toy cars. His favourite one in his room was a little red car called Red. But it was not an ordinary car, it was a magical little car that had been guarding Willy since he was born. Whenever the little boy came home from school sad, it came to him to cheer him up and to play with him.

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About a ghost who wanted to get married

About A Ghost Who Wanted To Get Married

Ghosts are loners. They keep friendships with their species but that’s all. One of them, the ghost Cecílek wanted to get married. The problem was that he couldn’t find a bride. It makes sense that a ghost can only marry a ghost – with a girl. And there were desperately few of them. So he didn’t know any girl. He confided in it to his friend the ghost Florian. He thought for a moment, then told him that he would bring him three haunting girls to choose from. Cecílek rejoiced and waited for what Florian will come up with.

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