Breeze, the elf who wanted to win

Priče za laku noć - Breeze, the elf who wanted to win

If you look up in the sky, you’ll see the clouds moving fast. It’s not a given. They’re driven by the wind. Sometimes it’s so strong that the clouds literally run across the sky, and sometimes it’s so weak that the clouds barely swing. Where does that wind come from? And who controls it? They say there are wind elves who fly among the clouds and blow them away. There are many of them, but people can’t see them. They fly high and hide among the clouds.

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Smiling and clever patient Sara

Kratke priče za laku noć - Smiling and clever patient Sara

Once upon a time there was a big building at the end of our town. It had lots of windows and about three floors. It was grey and at first glance it looked sad. It was a children’s hospital where sick children went. Some were there for a while, they just needed to be treated and could go home, others had to stay for days because they were too sick. Some were even brought in by ambulance. Sara was one of those children.

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Little Edith who knew what to do

Kratke bajke za djecu - Little Edith who knew what to do

You don’t see many animals in the city. You’re more likely to see cars, motorbikes, scooters, lots of people and children playing. But occasionally, you can find a wild animal in the city. For example, you can sometimes see birds’ nests in the trees. They’ll find a tall tree with forked branches. They carefully place branch after branch and leaf after leaf until they have a comfortable and solid nest. One such tree, where the birds lived, stood right in front of Edith’s house.

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The ant called Loney

Kratke priče za djecu - The ant called Loney

In the middle of a deep forest there is a small mound of needles, small twigs and dirt. And if you look closely, it looks like the whole pile is moving. It’s an anthill. All around and on that little hill, you’ll see tiny, hard-working ants, always marching somewhere. Ants are like one big family. They help each other, they work together and they do everything together. But it wasn’t always like that in this anthill.

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A ghost named Luna

Bajke za djecu - A ghost named Luna

Luna was a special little girl. She lived among the ghosts and she herself was a cute little ghost. Her red hair was always completely disheveled, her cheeks were dirty and her clothes seemed to be sewn together from all sorts of brightly colored pieces of clothing. You could tell at a glance that she wasn’t like the other kids. But Luna wanted so much to have friends among normal children, even though her mother was a ghost and her father was a ghost, too. Although she went to school with the other ghosts, she was still longing for the world of ordinary kids who weren’t ghosts.

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Good fairies Elisa and Elvina

Kratke priče za djecu - Good fairies Elisa and Elvina

When the sun rises in the morning and illuminates the whole earth, something strange appears in the sky. A little cloud floats in the sky, fluffy like a cloud and looking like cotton candy. Other clouds are white or blue, but this one is a pinkish colour. That’s because it’s magical. It’s got two fairy-tale beings sitting on it. They’re fairies. One is called Elisa and the other is called Elvina.

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