Carnival in kindergarten

Kratke priče za djecu - Carnival in kindergarten

Once upon a time there was a kindergarten on the edge of a small town, where a cheerful little girl named Elis went. The little girl had lots of friends at the kindergarten and looked forward to going there every morning. One day the teacher told them the big news. “Dear children, sit down nicely, I have news for you! Bring your masks, we’re going to have a carnival!” the teacher told them cheerfully. The kindergarten children started dancing for joy! They were very excited about the upcoming carnival.

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Pirate Beard and the Mysterious Treasure

Bajke za djecu - Pirate Beard and the Mysterious Treasure

Dear children, I’m sure you remember the magical story of Pirate Beard, who, together with his faithful friend Apollo the parrot, searched the ocean for a lost mysterious treasure. The captain’s dream was to find the treasure and lift his poor island out of poverty. As Captain Beard sailed across the wild Pacific Ocean on his pirate ship, after many years he finally stumbled upon the mysterious turtle-shaped island. But it was not just any island.

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Pirate Beard and the Quest for Treasure

Kratke bajke za djecu - Pirate Beard and the Quest for Treasure

Long, long ago there was a pirate. The pirate came from a poor island, but he decided to save his island and find a lost treasure. He sailed alone across the Pacific Ocean on his great pirate ship with his tiny crew. His crew consisted of himself, a pirate captain named Beard, and his faithful parrot Apollo. Captain Beard had a big dream – to find the lost treasure that would lift his little island out of poverty.

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The story of Curious George

Bajke za laku noć - The story of Curious George

Once upon a time there was a small cottage. In this wooden cottage at the end of the village lived a little curious boy named George. The boy was interested in everything. But his favourite place was the forest, where he could explore the beauty of nature. Every time his mother went to the market and his father to work in the fields, they would give George the task of cleaning the cottage and gathering herbs, raspberries or blackberries in the nearby forest. 

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Animal hockey match

Kratke bajke za djecu - Animal hockey match

Behind the forest on a big frozen pond, a big event took place in winter. An important hockey game. Two interesting teams played against each other. On one side there were the foxes and on the other the bears. They were all training hard. They were learning to pass, skate fast and turn. When the big day came for the game, all the animals of the forest sat around the pond. Some had big signs that said “Foxes go”. Others wore bear T-shirts. Everyone was cheering for someone else.

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The story of the van driver

Priče za laku noć - The story of the van driver

Every morning a van drove through our town. It was always nice and clean, washed and followed the traffic rules. It didn’t make any noise. It drove quietly and orderly. It delivered goodies around town. Early in the morning, the van would go far out of town, where nobody knew it. It’d load up on fruit and vegetables and then go back to our town. Here, it would take the food to the different stalls where people went to shop. The van was driven by one driver… But he wasn’t just any driver.

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A tale about sad Tessie

Kratke priče za laku noć - A tale about sad Tessie

Winter was over. The green grass started to grow everywhere, flowers bloomed in the meadows. The sun was getting warmer and warmer. In the kindergarten outside the window there sat Tessie, a little girl with fair hair, rosy cheeks and blue eyes that looked like wells. She always cheered up all the children in the kindergarten with her sweet smile. But she hasn’t been laughing much lately, and not at all today. She was looking sadly out of the window, her head leaning towards her hands and her eyes completely glassy, as if she wanted to cry.

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Skilled car mechanic Patrik

Priče za laku noć - Skilled car mechanic Patrik

Patrik was a small-town boy. He lived in a cozy house with his dad. They had a big garage next to their house and sign hanging above the garage that said, “The best mechanic in town.” Patrick’s daddy used to fix cars in the garage. People from all over the neighborhood would come to him with their cars because he could fix just about anything. Patrik always watched his daddy at work. He learned from him. Even when he was just a little boy, he was very handy and could fix a lot of things on his own.

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