The Woodman

Once upon a time, there was a huge mango tree at the center of the forest. This mango tree had a very large harvest. Small squirrels, birds, and many animals ate mangos from this tree. Not only that, a fairy lived in this tree.

The Woodman
The Woodman

One day a woodman saw this huge tree. “If I cut down this tree, I can have lots of money”, thought the woodman. Then he came up with an axe and started cutting the mango tree. Suddenly, the fairy came out of the tree. “Please don’t cut down the tree. This is my home”, requested the fairy.

“I’m sorry. I can have lots of money by selling the wood of this huge tree”, said the woodman and continued cutting. After few minutes the huge tree fell to the ground. The woodman was very happy. He carried all the wood and sold them.

Another evening he again stepped into the forest to cut another tree. He went into the forest looking for a well-grown tree. Slowly it became night. The woodman was unable to find the way home because it is very dark. He was very hungry and tired. He had nothing to eat.

He had asleep on the ground. “If you didn’t cut down the huge mango tree, you would not have to suffer from hunger” The fairy came into his dreams and said. When he was opening his eyes, it was morning. He saw there was one ripe mango in a small tree. He ran and ate it. He realized cutting trees is very bad.

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