A Lesson for the Stubborn Squirrel

Once upon a time, there lived a mother squirrel, father squirrel, and two little squirrels as a family. Mother squirrel and father squirrel was loving their kids very much.  But the younger squirrel was very stubborn. He always quarreled with his elder brother. He was not obeying his parents. Mother squirrel was always advising him but he never cared about her words.

One night, the younger squirrel started quarreling with his brother. Parents were trying to stop the fight. The younger squirrel got very angry with all of them and decided to go leave home. When all the others went to bed the younger squirrel peeped into his mothers’ room and slowly came out from home. 

A Lesson for the Stubborn Squirrel
A Lesson for the Stubborn Squirrel

He ran through the forest, but the surrounding was very dark and scaring. He stopped and looked around. He was very scared. He wanted to return home. But he couldn’t find the way home because it was very dark. Slowly the environment became colder and colder. He started crying loudly.

The next morning mother squirrel woke up early and went to the younger squirrels’ room. She found that her baby was not there. She cried continuously and ran around the house searching for her baby. Father squirrel quickly went out to find the little squirrel.

After walking a short distance, he saw the little squirrel lying on the ground. Father squirrel carried him home. Little squirrel woke up and hugged his parents and brother. “I’m so sorry. I never fight with you brother and I will obey my parents’ hereafter” said the little squirrel.

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