The Frog Prince

Fairy Tale For Children The Frog Prince

Once upon a time there was a king and he had three daughters. The first two had been married, the third, the youngest, was still at home in the castle. She used to play in the royal garden with a glass ball. It was her favourite toy. She always threw it up in the air and caught it in her hands. She would sing and dance to it. But one day, the ball didn’t come back into her hands. Instead, it fell straight into the well.

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How Peter Rabbit got his new coat

Fairy Tale For Children How Peter Rabbit got his new coat

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit lived with his mother and sisters in a burrow dug under a tall fir tree. Every day the little rabbits went to play in the meadow and the forest. Their mother always begged them to avoid Mr. Gregor’s garden. Especially Peter, who lost his blue coat and both his shoes there the last time. Now he had to wear an old worn brown coat, which he didn’t like at all. He was strangling and biting, but what should he do as he lost his own.

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Faity Take For Children – a princess with long blonde hair, who is imprisoned in a tower.

There once lived a carpenter and his wife who longed for a child. They prayed everyday for a child but they never had one. At the back of their house, there was a beautiful garden with beautiful flowers and plants. No one dared enter into the garden for it belonged to a witch, Mother Gothel.

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