Faity Take For Children – a princess with long blonde hair, who is imprisoned in a tower.

There once lived a carpenter and his wife who longed for a child. They prayed everyday for a child but they never had one. At the back of their house, there was a beautiful garden with beautiful flowers and plants. No one dared enter into the garden for it belonged to a witch, Mother Gothel.

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Fairy tale for children Cinderella

There was once a rich man whose wife was very sick. One day, she called her only daughter to come near her bed, and said, “Dear child, be of good character and God will always take care of you, and I will look down upon you from heaven, and will be with you.”  And then she closed her eyes and died. The girl did as her mother told her and we His new wife was the meanest and proudest woman that was ever seen nt every day to her mother’s grave and wept.

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