The Police Car and The Firetruck

The Police Car And The Firetruck

In the middle of a large, busy city, there stood a small parking lot. Two vehicles always parked in it. One of them was a firetruck and the other a police car. Both vehicles were always prepared and ready to go help someone in the city. People often called them for various reasons. One time there was a fire, another time a car crash. All the people in the city were glad to have these vehicles. But over time the vehicles grew smug and started boasting and arguing between themselves.

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About the little red car

About The Little Red Car

Once upon a time there was a little blond boy named William who loved to play with toy cars. His favourite one in his room was a little red car called Red. But it was not an ordinary car, it was a magical little car that had been guarding Willy since he was born. Whenever the little boy came home from school sad, it came to him to cheer him up and to play with him.

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About a stubborn and naughty little tractor

Fairy Tale For Children About a stubborn and naughty little tractor

Behind a deep forest by a large field stood a large farm. Next to the farm was a huge barn. In it lived two extraordinary machines. A big tractor and a little tractor. Both of them helped the farmer in the field with everything that was needed on the farm. The big tractor was strong and wise. He knew exactly what to do and how to do it. The little tractor was a handy helper, but he was naughty, stubborn and sometimes did things his own way. And that was not good.

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