About the little red car

Once upon a time there was a little blond boy named William who loved to play with toy cars. His favourite one in his room was a little red car called Red. But it was not an ordinary car, it was a magical little car that had been guarding Willy since he was born. Whenever the little boy came home from school sad, it came to him to cheer him up and to play with him.

Willy’s parents decided to go on holiday to the seaside. Willy was very much looking forward to it! In his toy bag he packed all his favourite toys, cars, jigsaws, Teddy Bear and also his favourite red car. The Red Car was excited to go on a trip with Willy and have new adventures together at the beach. When the little boy had his toys packed up, his mother helped him pack his clothes. When the family was ready, they got in the car and started the long journey to the sea.

About The Little Red Car
About The Little Red Car

As they traveled in their big car, the hours passed and passed. Willy played with his car and teddy bear in the back and sometimes even took a nap. “I have to pee!” he suddenly said to his father, who was driving. They were almost at their destination by the sea, but Dad stopped at the nearest gas station to take a break and the little boy peed. Willy put his favourite little car in his tracksuit pocket and ran off to the toilet. As the family walked back to the car, Willy was skipping happily and suddenly the little red car fell out of his pocket onto the pavement. The family got into the car and started to drive to the sea. Only Teddy Bear noticed that his friend Red, the little car, was not in the car, but little Willy still didn’t notice.

The family was already close to the sea. “Mummy, have you seen my little red car?” asked Little Willy to his mother when he couldn’t find him anywhere. But his mother assured him that it was definitely somewhere in the car. The little boy believed his mother, even though he felt that the car was not there. Well, what about our little red car? It was sitting sadly on the sidewalk by the gas station. The Red car decided he wasn’t going to let it go and bravely started the engine. Wiping away the tears and trying to catch up with their big car. But the little red car wasn’t so fast and didn’t have enough power. But Little Red car didn’t give up! Our little car didn’t know which way to go, but he could see the direction, the highway, that his family was going. He decided to go looking for them on the road they were on. He rested for a while in the woods by the highway, waiting for the rain to stop. The little boy Willy is his best friend, he can’t let him down. And what do you think? Has our little Red car found his family and Willy? That, children, you will find out in the next episode.

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