A Good Deed

It was the first birthday of the baby bear. Bear mum, bear pup and all the others were very busy, arranging the party. All the animals and fairies in the fairyland were invited for dinner. They all had come with their Sunday best for the party. After dinner, all the fairies started singing and dancing.

A Good Deed
A Good Deed

In fact, the fairies were very much attractive. Among them, the youngest Moleena was so cute, and she was the prettiest among all. She loved to see the beauty of nature. Mostly she loved flowers and loved to pick flowers and makes garlands from them.

At that night to this pretty Moleena went out secretly to pick some flowers. She saw the beautiful pond full of lotus. The flowers were glittering in the moonlight.

“Oh God! How beautiful all these flowers are!”

Cute Moleena could not control her self. She kept her step on the brim of the pond.

Oh, how sad! She left her shoe into the pond. She tried and tried to get the shoe back, but could not. She started crying, sitting near the pond.

The time passed little by little. The fairies had to return before the dawn. So they went one by one. Unfortunately, nobody noticed this poor girl. All the others left the party.

The little bear went out to the garden to recall the sweet memories of the day. But suddenly he heard a noise. He searched everywhere. Then he saw the little Moleena was crying near the pond. When she saw the bear, she began to weep louder.

” oh little bear, How can I go back? Without my shoe.” she cried.

The bear was so sad and jumped into the pond at once. After some time he came up with the shoe. The cute Moleena was very happy.

She thanked and thanked for the bear and went back to the fairyland. The bear was also pleased as he too could help someone.

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