A tale about sad Tessie

Kratke priče za laku noć - A tale about sad Tessie

Winter was over. The green grass started to grow everywhere, flowers bloomed in the meadows. The sun was getting warmer and warmer. In the kindergarten outside the window there sat Tessie, a little girl with fair hair, rosy cheeks and blue eyes that looked like wells. She always cheered up all the children in the kindergarten with her sweet smile. But she hasn’t been laughing much lately, and not at all today. She was looking sadly out of the window, her head leaning towards her hands and her eyes completely glassy, as if she wanted to cry.

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Skilled car mechanic Patrik

Priče za laku noć - Skilled car mechanic Patrik

Patrik was a small-town boy. He lived in a cozy house with his dad. They had a big garage next to their house and sign hanging above the garage that said, “The best mechanic in town.” Patrick’s daddy used to fix cars in the garage. People from all over the neighborhood would come to him with their cars because he could fix just about anything. Patrik always watched his daddy at work. He learned from him. Even when he was just a little boy, he was very handy and could fix a lot of things on his own.

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Thief on the farm

Kratke priče za laku noć - Thief on the farm

In a place very very far from here, beyond the deep woods, there was a farmhouse. Around it there were large fields. Potatoes and corn were grown on them. Several animals lived on this farm. There were sheep in the barn, a large dog kept watch by the shed, there were horses in the stables, and chickens and ducks ran around the yard. An old and wise farmer took care of them all. He was already a grandfather, but he still had plenty of work to do. Every holiday his grandson Paulie used to visit him. He helped his grandfather take care of the animals and the whole farm. He had many adventures on the farm. But one was the most exciting of all.

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Two princesses

Tales for Reading - Two Princesses

Once upon a time, beyond the seven rivers and seven mountains there stood a kingdom. In it lived a wise king and his queen. Together they had two daughters. Both princesses were very beautiful and clever. They both had long hair that waved beautifully. They always wore beautiful dresses. They smiled at everyone and were very friendly and kind. They loved to go into the garden and sing and dance among the trees and flowers. They were very good at it. When they were dancing, it looked like they weren’t touching the ground. They did everything with joy and complete ease.

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How Greg met the white lady

Tales for Reading - How Greg Met The White Lady

In the distance on a high hill there stood a castle. Here and there a piece of the wall was missing, in some places it was quite battered and no one lived in it. It was more like a castle ruin. Sometimes some tourists went to see it. They’d go through all its corridors, look at all its walls, and then they’d leave. No one knew what secrets the castle held. No one knew what is happening there when it gets dark.

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How Billy and Owie camped

A Fairy Tale for Children - How Billy And Owie Camped

There was a beautiful villa in a small town nearby. This is a house that is bigger than the others and usually several families live in it. Two boys lived in this villa with their parents. Owie and Billy. They were best friends. Billy lived on the first floor and Owie on the ground floor. Every time Billy went somewhere, he’d slide down the banister and land right in front of Owie’s door. They went everywhere together. They played games together and together they came up with ideas. There was a beautiful garden around their villa. The lawn was completely soft and they had a lot of space for their games. They loved to play in the garden.

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How children made friends with bears

Tales for Reading - How Children Made Friends With Bears

There was a beautiful town far away. There were so many little houses that they had to stand very close together. One next to the other. Lots of people lived there, but most of all there were children. There were several in every family. Most of them knew each other. They visited each other, played together, went on trips together, went to school together. In this town, there was even a beautiful playground. The kids took very good care of it. Every night when they went home, they cleaned it up.

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