The wolf named Niko

A Bedtimestory - The Wolf Named Niko

Far away in the high mountains, where there was only snow and no people, lived a pack of wolves. They lived in a cave. It protected them from the wind and the cold that was all around them. It wasn’t easy living in the mountains, but it was better for them than living near people. Like a good pack, they did everything together. They were happy and they stuck together. The only thing that bothered them was the bear family that lived on the other side of the mountain. Wolves and bears didn’t like each other. Nobody knows why or when it started, but that’s what it was.

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Good fairy cooks

Tales for Reading - Good Fairy Cooks

Once upon a time in our small town there was a very special house. It looked different from the others. It was vanilla in color and instead of a roof there was a huge cherry tree. The whole house looked like one big muffin. Every day a beautiful smell came from its windows and slowly spread all over the town. It was the smell of various goodies. The good fairy cooks cooked in that house.

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Magical fairy tales

Fairy Tale For Children - Magical Fairy Tales

In a secluded spot by the forest there was a beautiful wooden house. Around it there were only trees and meadows. There were dogs guarding the garden, sheep grazing and a cat running around. In the pigsty, a piglet lazed around, and outside, deer and squirrels occasionally walked past the building. The house smelled of wood. Two children lived there. A boy and a girl.

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How Princess Amelia discovered her talent

How Princess Amelia Discovered Her Talent

Dear children, I’m sure you remember the beautiful Princess Amelia, who was trying to find her talent. She wanted to finally be skilled and helpful at something like a true princess. She looked for it not only in the royal kitchen and the gym where she learned to fence, but even in the village outside the castle. And there she met a little boy named Thomas, whom she decided to help.

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