About a ghost that didn’t want to spook

There was a ghost named Žmůrek and he had a big problem. From the headquarters of all the ghosts, he was sent to an abandoned mill, where he should have spooked. But he didn’t want to do that at all. He was the one who wanted to be friends with people and not scare them. He was checked several times, as he was reported that he did not scare people at all. His superiors threatened to punish him if he did not do his job. Žmůrek still refused to spook. People knew that he was in the mill, but everyone was afraid of him. And Žmůrek was very sorry. He was terribly sad.

One evening there was a strange event. Two children – a boy and a girl – siblings were lost from the village not far away from our mill. The parents were desperate. Žmůrek had no idea. He waded through the woods and went deep. He didn’t care, because he could never get lost as a ghost. So he walked, breathing the scent of trees and flowers when he suddenly heard crying. He knew at once that it was a human being, and so as not to frighten it, he became invisible and followed the sound. When he arrived, he saw two children shivering in the cold and fear. They were the lost siblings.

About a ghost that didn't want to spook
About a ghost that didn’t want to spook

Žmůrek was wondering what to do. He knew that he couldn’t leave them there. So he just sighed and was seen. They started screaming in fright and fled. However, they tripped and it was the end of their escape. In addition, they broke their knees. Žmůrek came to them, waved his hand and wounds disappeared. Then he spoke to them. He told them his name and who he was. He also told them that they didn’t have to worry at all and that he would take them home. The children were not quite afraid at all. They took his hands and in a few seconds they were in the village where the children got lost. The village square was full of people.

When they saw the ghost, they wanted to run away at first, but the crying parents were already trying to get through the crowd, and then grabbed their two children and almost crushed them. The children told them everything and also praised Žmůrek for saving them and even healing their wounds. Žmůrek stood aside and wanted to disappear so as not to frighten people even more, but the parents would not allow it. In the end, it was decided that Žmůrek will live with them. So his dream of making friends came true. The ghosts at the haunted headquarters waved their hands and did not care about it anymore because they didn’t want to be angry with the disobedient ghost.     

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