About a ghost who wanted to get married

About A Ghost Who Wanted To Get Married

Ghosts are loners. They keep friendships with their species but that’s all. One of them, the ghost Cecílek wanted to get married. The problem was that he couldn’t find a bride. It makes sense that a ghost can only marry a ghost – with a girl. And there were desperately few of them. So he didn’t know any girl. He confided in it to his friend the ghost Florian. He thought for a moment, then told him that he would bring him three haunting girls to choose from. Cecílek rejoiced and waited for what Florian will come up with.

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How Dr. Woodpecker knew how to deal with Mrs. Pine

How Dr. Woodpecker Knew How To Deal With Mrs. Pine

Dr. Woodpecker lived in the forest and he was frequently visited by animals with various ailments. Although he mainly treated trees, he was always able to deal with sick forest animals. One day, the Kráčmerka jay fly to him. There was nothing missing, but she was out of breath and had to exhale before she was able to get the word out. Then she began begging Dr. Woodpecker to fly quickly to Mrs. Pine with her. Something is bothering her and no one knows what to do. The Woodpecker was their hope that Pine would recover. So he packed his medical case and flew with the jay to that place.

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About a ghost that didn’t want to spook

About a ghost that didn't want to spook

There was a ghost named Žmůrek and he had a big problem. From the headquarters of all the ghosts, he was sent to an abandoned mill, where he should have spooked. But he didn’t want to do that at all. He was the one who wanted to be friends with people and not scare them. He was checked several times, as he was reported that he did not scare people at all. His superiors threatened to punish him if he did not do his job. Žmůrek still refused to spook. People knew that he was in the mill, but everyone was afraid of him. And Žmůrek was very sorry. He was terribly sad.

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