How Dr. Woodpecker knew how to deal with Mrs. Pine

Dr. Woodpecker lived in the forest and he was frequently visited by animals with various ailments. Although he mainly treated trees, he was always able to deal with sick forest animals. One day, the Kráčmerka jay fly to him. There was nothing missing, but she was out of breath and had to exhale before she was able to get the word out. Then she began begging Dr. Woodpecker to fly quickly to Mrs. Pine with her. Something is bothering her and no one knows what to do. The Woodpecker was their hope that Pine would recover. So he packed his medical case and flew with the jay to that place.

How Dr. Woodpecker Knew How To Deal With Mrs. Pine
How Dr. Woodpecker Knew How To Deal With Mrs. Pine

As soon as he arrived, he noticed that there was something wrong with Mrs. Pine at first glance. She was breathing hard, her needles were turning yellow. This upset Dr. Woodpecker. First he knocked on Mrs. Pine, listened and did a general inspection. Unfortunately, he found nothing at all, so he tried his ancient recipe and comforted Pine that she would be better by the evening. But Mrs. Pine was not feeling better in the evening or the next morning. On the contrary, it was worse. That only scared Dr. Woodpecker. He gave her new and new medicines in vain. He cooked various potions and nothing helped.

Day and night he wondered how to help the tree. Mrs. Pine’s condition did not improve even on the third day. On the fourth day it was the worst. Dr. Woodpecker didn’t know what to do. Perhaps for the first time in his life as a doctor, he could not help. And that bothered him a lot. He was a good man. Everyone in the forest looked up to him, and everyone loved Mrs. Pine. She had always told them some fairy tales and she was barely breathing now. Dr. Woodpecker had no idea what to do. Mrs. Pine had been moaning for two weeks and he still couldn’t come up with anything. The animals in the forest were very worried. They were meeting with Mrs. Pine every day, and they were glad that Dr. Woodpecker had healed everyone, and he would do the same with her. However, Mrs. Pine was not convinced at all. She even cried as she was afraid and weakened. Once again, Dr. Woodpecker thought long into the night about what to do with Mrs. Pine to help her. Eventually he fell asleep, and he had a strange dream that night. The dream of miraculous medicine. He awoke in an instant and he began to stir it in that moment. He was done in the morning and he rushed to Mrs. Pine. She drank it without interest. When she did, her eyes widened, and a moment later her was gone. It was a joy all over the forest. Everyone praised Dr. Woodpecker, but he didn’t even want to hear it. Mrs. Pine thanked him with tears in her eyes, but he just waved that it was out of the question. He didn’t tell anyone what medicine the dream had sent him last night.

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