How animals punished themselves

Six animals lived on one farm – a dog, a cat, a goat, a lamb, a duck and a hen. Everyone did their job and so it took many years. Only once did the animals quarrel and started blaming themselves for the other having an easier job. In the end, they decided to test which of them would be right.

They were divided into three groups of two. The first to come was a dog and a cat. Both of them agreed on a first exchange of work. The dog went to go catching mice and the cat went to guard the shed. So the dog went to the pantry and waited. Of course, the mice immediately felt that there was no cat and a rodeo began.

How Animals Punished Themselves
How Animals Punished Themselves

Of course, the dog didn’t stand a chance – before he even ran away, the mice were already hidden in their holes in the wall. The cat was still in the shed, and since it was a day, she was terribly bored. She even had a bone there to gnaw at it, but it was not good for her cat’s teeth. Then it was the turn of the goat with the lamb. So the goat went to the pasture and thought she would do what she always did – graze. However, she had no idea that there was a sheepdog on the pasture, which, however, did not live on the farm. He drove away the sheep and the goat was not able to run away, after a while she had her tongue on her vest, as they say.

The lamb was still grazing on the pasture where the goat usually went. He told himself that it was nothing difficult, basically the same thing he was doing, except for the dog. But it was time to give milk, but rams do not have an udder. In the end, there was a duck with a hen. The duck went to sit down and hatch an egg. Of course she did, but it was a duck’s egg – how else, who had ever seen a duck hatch a hen’s egg. The hen went to the lake for now. She stared at it for a moment, not knowing what to do. Eventually she tried to set sail, but it was not possible without the membranes. So this was the end of all trials.

In the evening, the animals sat together and remained silent for a long time. Everyone was a little ashamed. In the end, they had it out face to face and admitted that the work of each of them was important and equally demanding.

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