About a finicky cat

Bělinka was a very finicky young cat. She had a brother, Mourek, who was exemplary. His parents Micinka and Macík were proud of him. They also liked Bělinka, but it bothered them how finicky their daughter was. They didn’t know what to do, so they asked a grandmother, Micinka’s mother.

She just smiled beastly and immediately told them about her plan. The parents nodded, but they weren’t convinced it would work. Bělinka simply had a sweet cat’s tongue. One day, the grandmother took the children with her. She actually lived next door in a large house with a garden. There her grandchildren could play as they wished. The grandma also prepared lunch for them.

About A Finicky Cat
About A Finicky Cat

First there was soup. Bělinka never liked it that much. Mourek, on the other hand, ate everything to the last spoon. His sister left the whole plate and she only ate one spoon. The grandma didn’t even blink. She knew very well that Bělinka was waiting for a dessert. As a second course, she prepared a fish. Mourek ate everything again and this time Micinka too. After all, all cats love fish. Then there was the sweet meal. The grandma brought the same portion for both of them. But Mourek’s spoon fell into the grass, so he started looking for it. Bělinka had already eaten her portion and could not take her eyes off her brother’s piece. And so she did something that siblings just shoudln’t do.

She grabbed a plate and swallowed everything in two bites. Immediately afterwards, Mourek appeared with a spoon and his grandmother, who helped him search. When Mourek saw that his cake had been eaten, he almost cried how sorry he was. The grandmother scolded Bělinka a lot and gave Mourek such a double portion. Bělinka was offended to the marrow of her bones and envious, so she could not even sit next to her brother, as she wanted his portion again. The grandma saw it. She thought this little lesson would cure Bělinka, but the opposite happened. She was too proud pride, even though she was otherwise a very good cat. So the grandma reached for a more drastic solution.

When it was over, the two grandchildren helped to clear the table. Then Bělinka got lost in the pantry, where she found marmalades, which she started licking with using her paw. The grandma knew everything because she was lurking around the corner and she was angry. She called Bělinka to take the sugar away. But she was smiling inconspicuously. She knew her granddaughter couldn’t stand it. And she was right. When the grandma was out of sight, Micinka dipped her paw into the sugar, pulled it out, licked it, and then began to sputter and sneeze – there was pepper in the sugar bowl. Bělinka suddenly sobered out of her pride. She knew why her grandmother did it. She apologized to Mourek, her grandmother, parents at home, and she had never been so finicky or eaten someone’s portion.

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