The Little Fairy and Flowers

Above the rainbows, there was a beautiful fairy world. There was a beautiful little fairy. But she was very cruel. She did not talk with other fairies.

One day her mother polished her goldarn wings and asked her to play with her friends. But the little fairy had no friends. “It is ok. I’m the most beautiful fairy among all the fairies. I will play alone” thought the little fairy.

The Little Fairy and Flowers
The Little Fairy and Flowers

She flew to the most beautiful place in the fairy world. The ground was fully covered by various colored flowers. There were a goldarn waterfall and butterflies were playing nicely and happily. He slowly went to the flowers and plucked a flower.

Suddenly the beautiful flower wilted and turned into black color. She plucked another flower and it also turned into black color. She covered her face from her beautiful wings and started crying.

“Hello little fairy” It was a strange voice. The little fairy opened her eyes and turned around searching for the stranger. But she couldn’t find any. Again, the voice rang. Then she understood the sound was coming from the flowers.  “Oh, why you are getting dark-colored when I’m touching you?” Little fairy knelt on the ground and asked from the flowers.

“Your fingertips are merciless because your heart is cruel. When you touch us, we burn” said the flowers. She was very upset. She thought to be kind to everyone. Then she plucked another flower and the flowers did not wilt. She was very happy and became very kind for all ever after.

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