The Rabbit on the Moon

At the beginning of the world, the sun was the king of the world. Sun appears every morning and it is called daytime. But the sun was always angry and his clothes were fire flames. The tiny little animals were very scared of the sun. They thought if the sun got angry, he would burn all the whole world.

The Rabbit on the Moon
The Rabbit on the Moon

But the princess of the night time was the moon. She was very kind, calm and beautiful. Always she wore shining white dresses.  She was very serene.

At the night the wind starts blowing freely. The trees start dancing happily. Some flowers start to bloom.

The animals loved to play at the night. The moon princess also comes down to the earth and plays with them. She was a friend to all the innocent animals.

One night the moon princess heard someone crying. She knew that it was her tiny little friend rabbit. She hugged the little rabbit and asked the reason for crying. I’m the only rabbit in this forest. I feel alone in the daytime” said the rabbit.

The moon princess got a great idea. “Do you like to come with me, my little friend?”, she asked from the rabbit. The rabbit was very happy. “Yes! Yes! Yes! The little rabbit replied.

The rabbit went with the moon princess. Thereafter every night the rabbit looked into the earth. Since that day, the moon princess appears every night in the sky with her little rabbit friend.

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