A Tale Without End

There was one shepherd and he was in charge of many sheep. The golden sun was setting behind the mountains in the evening, and he was still tending his sheep behind a swollen stream.

A Tale Without End
A Tale Without End, Annie I.

He wanted to drive them home, but there was a narrow footbridge across the stream, so that only one sheep after another could cross. So let’s wait till he’s got them across, then I’ll tell you more.

(Children listen and wait, inviting further narration, could be used: one sheep, another sheep, … )

One sheep slowly crossed the stream,

The other sheep crossed the stream quickly,

The third sheep crossed the brook at a leisurely pace…

(The children listen and wait, inviting further narration.)

There were many sheep, they had not yet crossed.

There were many sheep, they have not yet crossed.

(Sometimes even later, the children clamour for a continuation.)

All the sheep finally crossed, but it was already morning, so the shepherd didn’t even chase them home, but took them over the footbridge again and kept on grazing.

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