Racing Teddy Bear Mickey

A Bedtimestory - Racing Teddy Bear Mickey

One day a little bear, whom everyone called Misha, was walking in the forest. He hummed as he walked, hopped here and there, watched the squirrels in the trees and when there was a big stick on the forest path, he put it aside. He liked these walks very much. He walked at his own pace. Sometimes he rested in the moss and enjoyed the pleasant peace that was in the woods. One day when Mickey was sitting by a tree during a walk like this, something surprised him.

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How children made friends with bears

Tales for Reading - How Children Made Friends With Bears

There was a beautiful town far away. There were so many little houses that they had to stand very close together. One next to the other. Lots of people lived there, but most of all there were children. There were several in every family. Most of them knew each other. They visited each other, played together, went on trips together, went to school together. In this town, there was even a beautiful playground. The kids took very good care of it. Every night when they went home, they cleaned it up.

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