Grandmother’s Little Friends

Once upon a time, there was a very small house near the forest. An old lady lived there all alone. One day, it started raining heavily. The wind was making deep noises and all the surrounding was wet and cold. The old lady looked away from the window. “oh! I haven’t seen much rain in years!” she whispered.

Grandmother’s Little Friends
Grandmother’s Little Friends

“Tok, Tok, Tok”. She heard a door knocking sound. “it cannot be a visitor; at this time??? She was surprised. She stepped to the door very slowly and opened the door.

The mist has covered the whole area. She couldn’t see anything clearly. “Who is there?” She shouted.

She looked deeply, there was a little hen standing near the door. “Grandmother, please help me. I have no place to go. I’ve lost. I cannot find the way to home”. The old lady knew that the environment is getting colder and colder. She thought of giving permission to the hen to come in. “ok, come in quickly, tiny little hen. We can share my house until the weather becomes good” said the old lady.

“Grandmother do you live alone?” asked the little hen. “Yes, little hen,” said the old lady.

“I think it’s time for dinner. I am having some boiled potatoes. Let’s have some.” She got up from the chair. Suddenly the door knocking sound came again. The hen got very scared and ran behind the old lady.

“Don’t worry little hen, let’s see who is it” Said the old lady.

When she opened the door, she was surprised. It was a cow. “Oh grandmother, can I stay with you until the rain is over?”. Without keeping the cow out, she quickly invited him inside. All together had dinner.

After three days, the rain was completely over and the sun appeared. Three of them were very happy. The cow and the hen thought of going to the forest. “Goodbye grandmother” both said together. But she felt sad.

The cow and the hen discussed and came with a great idea. “Grandmother! Can we stay with you?”. The old lady was very happy, her eyes started blinking. “Oh really? Are you going to stay with me? Thank you!” Said the old lady.

“Yes, grandmother I can give you eggs,” said the hen.

“And I can give you milk,” said the cow.

“Oh, my little friends” she hugged both of them.

They lived happily ever after.

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