Five Friends and the Cruel Witch

A long time ago there was a small village near the forest. There lived five best friends named Meral, Shehan, Supun, Kaveen, and Rose. One evening they played hide and seek. Kaveen thought to hide in the forest as no one is able to find him. He ran to the forest and hidden behind a tree.

After a while the forest became dark. He thought to return to the village. Unexpectedly, he was unable to find out the directions to the village. He screamed louder.

Suddenly he saw a shadow who covered the entire body from a black dress was coming closer to him. He was very scared and he started shivering. When the dark shadow came very closer, he saw the face of the shadow. It was a cruel witch. Her eyes were baleful. Her nails were long and sharp.

“Please don’t hurt me” Kaveen cried.

“Who told you to come into my forest, you will be punished” Shouted the witch. Before Kaveen speak, the witch bounded him by magic so as not to be moved. “Only the tears of true friendship would break this bond” Shouted the witch and disappeared.

The whole night the friends of Kaveen were searching for him. The next morning, they came into the forest. They saw frozen and unmoving Kaveen, they understood what had happened. But they did not know what to do. They hugged Kaveen and cried. They really worried about their friend.

When the tears dropped into Kaveens body he recovered. “All of you are true friends, that’s why I saved. Thank you, friends”, Said Kaveen. 

Five Friends and the Cruel Witch
Five Friends and the Cruel Witch
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