The Story of the Planets

The Sun King and Moon queen had eight kids. The name of those kids was Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. The Sun wakes up early in the morning and starts working. The sun King wakes his children before he goes to work.

The Story of the Planets
The Story of the Planets

But these children were very stubborn. They did not help their mother. They did not study. The only thing they did was playing. Not as the father Sun, Moon queen goes to work at night. Every night the moon queen teaches stars and she sleeps in the morning. Because of that, the children were playing all the time.

One day, Moon queen got ill. She couldn’t prepare dinner for the family.

“What to do now?” thought the Sun King. He thought to prepare dinner. But he did not know how to cook. “Kids, please help me to prepare dinner, your mother is ill” He went to his children and asked for help.

“Why should we help. We have to play.” said everyone. The Sun King became very angry.

He thought to punish the children. He decided to separate them. “Today onwards, you cannot stay together. You have to go around me for the whole year. You will have to play alone by rotating around yourself.” Shouted the Sun.

Since ever, the planets aligned at different distances and they had to rotate around the Sun.

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