Lora and Mary

Once upon a time, there was a very beautiful village. In this village, there was a little family. Mother, Father, and two little pretty girls called Lora and Mary.

Mary had a dark colored hair. Lora had very beautiful curly hair. Her hair was golden color. Because of her nice hair, she was haughty.

Lora and Mary
Lora and Mary

One morning, mother tied Mary’s hair from a red ribbon and Lora’s hair from a blue ribbon. Both were looking very beautiful. But Lora was looking charming with her brown hair and blue ribbon on it.

“Now both of you can play,” said the mother. Lora was very happy and ran out. Mary did the same. Lora started jumping and let her hair swing.

“Lora is careful you will fall”. Mary said very kindly.

“I know you are jealous of my hair,” Lora said mockingly. Mary was sad. At that time Mary got a super idea.  She plucked some flowers and pinned those flowers on her hair like a crown. “See Lora how am I looking” Mary happily shouted.

Lora wanted to do the same. “I would be more pretty than Mary,” Lora thought. She started to pluck lots of flowers. Suddenly, her hair was trapped in a thorny thicket.

“Mary help me! I can’t move.” Cried, Lora. Mary ran to her sister. “Lora wait I will save you anyhow,” said Mary. But there was no way to save her.

“Mary please cut my hair and take me out” cried Lora.

Mary was very upset to cut down her sister’s beautiful hair. But the only way was it. She slowly trimmed Lora’s hair and got Lora out from the thicket.

“Oh, now I’m looking ugly.” Cried.

“You are still pretty.” Mary hugged her sister and came home.

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