Magic island

Far away from us in the middle of the great ocean there is a small island. It’s called Magic Island. It has an extraordinary power. It can discern what a person is really like. Whether he has a good heart or a bad heart. Every time someone is shipwrecked at sea and swims to this island, they experience strange things.

Once there was a sailor at sea named Oliver. He was a good sailor and he could sail a boat well. But unexpectedly, he was caught in a huge storm. He couldn’t steer and keep the ship afloat in the big waves. Eventually it sank and he swam to the magic island in a lifeboat. He didn’t know where it was and was too tired, so he fell asleep on the shore. He was awakened by some nudging.

Fairy Tale For Children - Magical Island
Magical Island, Annie I.

When he opened his eyes, there were several beautiful monkeys around him. They were all furry, with cute white faces and long tails. At first glance, you could see that they were friendly. They were hopping around him, urging him to get up. He was very weak and hungry, so some of the monkeys supported him and some gave him bananas to eat. They kept leading him further and further into the middle of the island. Finally they came to a big waterfall. Oliver kept looking around, not knowing what to do next or where to go. The monkeys started jumping and dancing around him. The trees and flowers began to bend and lean, the wind began to blow, and the sailor heard a voice in the wind. “Our dear water, show us what you have hidden from us. Know what kind of man he is, if his heart is quivering in the right way.” It was the island’s warning voice. Suddenly the earth began to shake, the waterfall opened, and the monkeys began to jump and scream. Oliver was afraid. He knew the island wanted him to go into the open waterfall. But then what? How would he get out?

He took a deep breath, gathered his courage, and walked slowly inside. A chill ran down his back. But he suspected that the island was just and its power was strong. The island would see that he was a good man. When he entered the open waterfall, he found himself in a cave. It was cold and strange rainbow lights flew around him. Oliver knelt down and gathered the last bits of courage he had. “Magical and precious island, please see me at this moment and show me the way to my destination. Please let me go home, I humbly ask and place my life in your hand.” The lights encircled Oliver and wrapped him in their glow.

He could feel the magical power of the island exploring him and finding out what he was really like. After a moment, the lights released Oliver and formed an arrow on the cave walls. It showed him which way to go to get home. The sailor walked slowly, a strange warm feeling permeating his entire body. He was glad that the magical island had recognized that he was a good person.

He left the magic island with a smile, and as he was leaving it, he waved to the monkeys from a distance. He knew no one would believe him, but he also knew he would never forget such an experience.

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