About a ghost who wanted to get married

Ghosts are loners. They keep friendships with their species but that’s all. One of them, the ghost Cecílek wanted to get married. The problem was that he couldn’t find a bride. It makes sense that a ghost can only marry a ghost – with a girl. And there were desperately few of them. So he didn’t know any girl. He confided in it to his friend the ghost Florian. He thought for a moment, then told him that he would bring him three haunting girls to choose from. Cecílek rejoiced and waited for what Florian will come up with.

About A Ghost Who Wanted To Get Married
About A Ghost Who Wanted To Get Married

And it happened. And what were the future brides like? One was fat, the other squinted, and the third limped. Cecílek didn’t know if he should laugh or cry, and if Florian meant it when he asked him what he was saying about them and with whom he would marry. Not with either and that was Cecílek’s last word. So they left empty-handed. Cecílek was disappointed and sad. Florian felt sorry for him, so he decided to try to help him. He searched in the magic books stored in the library of the house in which they lived. There he found that there was a young scary girl and said to be very charming. The catch was that she was in a place that Florian had never heard of.

However, he decided to bring her to Cecílek. But first he showed her to him in a picture he found in another book. Cecílek couldn’t take his eyes off her as he liked her. He decided to go with Florian. So they flew like it was a race. It took them a long time to find her house, but in the end they succeeded. When they got there, they encountered enemy ghosts. They knew about the girl. Her name was Olivia, but she didn’t intend to let the ghosts in. Olivia had no easy living there with them, because they treated her very ugly.

However, when they brought her, Cecílek decided to take her with him. He did not want to leave her there because he felt sorry for her. However, the ghosts did not want to allow it, but Florian used a very powerful spell that they were powerless against. Then he used his magic again and they were in their house. Olivia looked around in amazement at where she was. Cecílek told her that he had fallen in love with her and if she wanted to marry him. At first, Olivia didn’t want to because she thought there was nothing special about her, but when she saw how sad Cecílek was, she finally nodded. She liked him too. And Florian was the dearest uncle of their little ghosts. 

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