About the ostrich guard

There was once an ostrich Quido. His greatest passion was babysitting and running. But none of the animal inhabitants of the bush were interested in his services. They said to each other – nobody steals from us, nobody hurts anyone, so why would we need a security guard?

Quido was sorry because he had an innate caution and responsibility from an early age. He often warned others that something might happen and that they would not be prepared in any way. However, the animals did not listen to him. But if they did, they wouldn’t have to experience their greatest adventure. It was a hot summer day and Quido was walking, as was his custom. Although nothing bothered him at first glance, but he still didn’t feel good.

About The Ostrich Guard
About The Ostrich Guard

It was already morning when an unfamiliar leopard crept up. No one had any idea about him. The hunger brought him here, as well as rumors that the local animals did not bother with any security against predators, and that was undoubtedly him. Because his skin is light in color, he blended easily with his surroundings. He looked around until his eyes fell on the tiny kangaroo. His mother was jumping nearby and she was looking at her child with love. However, she needed to run a little further for food, which was difficult to find in this region. Well, and then it happened. The leopard set out for his prey. The kangaroo mother saw him when he was already running and she started moaning.

Quido heard that. And that was something for him. He ran at full speed and took the kangaroo cub in front of leopard’s nose at the last moment. The leopard roared as only leopard’s could. However, Quido was not afraid of him and stood up to him heroically. The leopard eventually escaped, but Quido knew that he would come to hunt with the whole gang at night, and he would not stand a chance alone. The kangaroo mother thanked him wholeheartedly for saving her son. He just waved his hand. Finally, the animals realized what was threatening them.

Quido also told them that other leopards would come at night. So he presented his plan to them. The animals no longer beeped or protested. They finally trusted Quido. And it happened as he assumed. At night, the leopard and the whole gang crept to the dwelling, where not only the kangaroo mother lived. And Quido was waiting for that. It was a dark and a silent night but they heard a scary roaring all of a sudden. The hairs on the leopard’s backs were standing up Leopard because they were not used to it. They couldn’t stand it and fled. So Quido saved all the animals. Since then, everyone has been careful, and Quido has been watching with the others.

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