How a sad puppy became happy again

There was a shelter on one of the hills. And it was very successful. Unfortunately, the animals came here in large numbers, but after a few days they went to new families, where they had a beautiful time.

One day, a beautiful Golden Retriever puppy also entered the shelter. It was only two months old and very sad. It became a birthday present for a little boy. However, he was not interested in the puppy at all and so after a few weeks he traveled to the shelter. It didn’t even have a name. From this it is probably clear how much his original owners liked him. It was very sad from the first day he got to the shelter.

How A Sad Puppy Became Happy Again
How A Sad Puppy Became Happy Again

It didn’t want to eat or drink. They barely got him out of the pen. The little dog just wasn’t interested in anything. He’s been worried like that for a month. Although people went to the shelter and took the dogs who were waiting for a new family, everyone wanted a livelier dog and not the one who just lay there. But even our little dog prince was waiting for human love. It happened at the beginning of the second month. Two people came there – a man and a woman. They immediately told the owner that they would like to adopt a dog. So they went from pen to pen until they came to our sad hero.

They immediately wondered what had happened to him that he was so sad. The nice lady told them everything. Both spouses immediately began to feel sorry for the puppy. But they liked him very much and they wanted to take him home. But the little one didn’t care. He didn’t trust people anymore. The owner warned them that it would probably not be easy, because this little dog was very disappointed, but they did not give up. They insisted that he would definitely like them. So they took him home. As the dog didn’t care at first, he was now very afraid of where they were taking him.

At least they were nice to him in the shelter. These two people stopped in front of a large house with a huge garden. The little puppy immediately stood up and looked stunned. It had never seen anything like it before. It used to be in a small flat. The woman took him in her arms and they went home together. The dog looked around when three children ran out the door, screaming. The puppy was horrified – he remembered well how his boy didn’t like him. The children almost fought over who would carry the dog first. Apart from the children, this house was full of animals. These people were great lovers of all animals and tried to save them and help them. The children took the puppy to the garden and played with it there. In the end, they named him Gray after a fairy tale. The little puppy found a new and loving home.

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