How mosquitoes traveled the world

There were two mosquitoes. All their lives they just hung out in the big meadow and did nothing. Only once a mosquito told the other one mosquito that he no longer enjoys the way people are still chasing him and want to hit him with a slap, for example. The mosquito echoed the truth.

People really do not love these buzzing animals. The mosquito continued to sigh and set out to continue his rest. The second mosquito hadn’t slept all night, wondering what he could do to change people’s minds a little. And he figured it out. He decided to roam the world with mosquito, and he still had a surprise in reserve. Now it was time to persuade the mosquito.

How Mosquitoes Traveled The World
How Mosquitoes Traveled The World

He explained his intention to him in the morning, but he did not even want to hear that he should go somewhere unknown. Finally, after long hours, he let himself be persuaded. But that was not all. During the night, the mosquito made up a plan for how they would earn for a living – they would sing. The mosquito stared wordlessly for a moment, and after the initial shock, as soon as he recovered, he began to curse the mosquito that he must have gone completely insane. How can they sing when, firstly, they can’t do it and, secondly, they don’t even have a musical ear. Plus, they can only buzz. The mosquito had a clear answer to that. This buzz is their motto. They just rehearse the songs together in the form of a buzz and that’s it.

The mosquito didn’t look convinced, but eventually nodded. So they started training. First at home in the meadow. When the other animals heard it for the first time, they were so surprised that they even forgot to chew food. Birds from the forest flew in, and even the roe deer and the fawn arrived at the clearing to see what the others were seeing. When they had practiced it, at least in the opinion of the second mosquito, it was decided that they would try it in front of people. The first mosquito was terrified – he probably had stage fright. But the mosquito reassured him that they manage to fly away, if something bad would happen.

So they flew to one fair. They flew carefully between the stalls. Finally, they stood on a wooden post and exhaled first. They waited until there was complete silence. And then they started buzzing – singing. After a while, the people fell silent and literally watched the revelation with their mouths open. After all, who has ever seen mosquitoes sing. When they finished, there was a moment of complete silence. They were preparing to escape. When suddenly people started clapping and the earth shook. So it all turned out well. Mosquitoes started to perform, thus changed people’s view of themselves.

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