How the fox wanted to fool a sow

The godfather fox Eliška was cunning. After all, the way foxes are. A sow also lived on the farm not far from her burrow. She didn’t dare to face her, because it would be a big bite for her, but Eliška heard that the sow Květuška has four piglets – three girls and one boy. And it was them who she wanted.

Day and night she wondered how she would get the better of Květuška. Namely – even though Květuška was just a sow, as one would say, she had quite a lot of cleverness, so much so that she was equal to a fox. So the fox devised her plan.

How The Fox Wanted To Fool A Sow
How The Fox Wanted To Fool A Sow

She dressed as a village door-to-door saleswoman. To make her look more believable, she got a mask in the form of a sheep’s head and she wore it. She grinned contentedly because she was sure the sow couldn’t recognize her like that. She also got a basket, in which she stored various goodies and went to the farm. She waylaid the landlords when they weren’t home. Květuška was lying lazily in the yard with the small piglets. Eliška came to the fence and immediately called her. She told her that she was selling house to house her goodies, which she produced herself. Květuška didn’t say either a or baa, but something didn’t seem right from the start.

She glanced at Voříšek. It was their dog friend who was guarding the farm. He agreed with Květuška with his eyes that he also felt that there was something wrong. Eliška wanted Květuška to let her in so she can put out her delicacies right in front of her. However, Květuška said that she did not have the money to come tomorrow. So Eliška promised to arrive. She was already jumping in the hole with the joy that she would have a snack – four fat piglets. But she had no idea what Květuška and Voříšek were preparing for her. The next day she came to the farm. When she arrived, Květuška immediately opened.

Before Eliška could breathe in to her attack, the cat Micinka jumped on her from the roof. And right on the head. She squeezed Eliška’s head with all her might. She started screaming and waving until she fell. At that moment, Micinka dodged and Voříšek and Květuška jumped there. She lay down on her and Voříšek tugged her head until he took off her mask and Eliška stood in front of them. Voříšek started barking. Eliška did not wait for anything, left the basket and ran with big jumps to the forest. Květuška and Voříšek and even Micinka were threatening her even though she was gone, to never show up again. It must be said that Květuška invented it all, but she was modest and didn’t even say anything when Voříšek and Micinka praised her.

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