How the ghosts organized a singing competition

An abandoned house stood in one county far from the people. It was a haunted house, from the look of it. People didn’t even go there. When they had to pass this way, they stayed as far away from the house as possible. Everyone knew that ghosts lived in it. There was a rumor that they are evil. But that was not true.

The ghosts were just bored. So once they got bored, they decided to hold a singing competition. Everyone was rejoicing because something was finally going to happen. Plus, it’s going to be fun. The ghosts never mocked themselves or others. And they intended to keep it in this competition as well.

How The Ghosts Organized A Singing Competition
How The Ghosts Organized A Singing Competition

They set everything up and the competition could begin. Lemonadeliked was the first to perform. That’s his name because he liked lemonades of all kinds. He chose the folk song Dog Jumped. He did quite well and the others told him and applauded. Lemonade smiled only modestly. Chocolateliked went next. He loved chocolate. He also chose a song about chocolate, which he once saw in a book. The others wished him success, too. Pizzaliked, who was next, rapped. Although it wasn’t exactly a style that would inspire any of the ghosts in general, they applauded their friend because they strangely liked it.

All the ghosts performed, except for one – Emánek. He was the youngest and the smallest and also the most shy. They had to persuade him for a long time, until he finally took a breath, opened his mouth and began to sing. That morning, the whole haunted house fell silent. Emánek sang as beautifully as birds on trees. Gently and cleanly and like a nightingale. When he finished, the other ghosts were completely stunned. Emánek was afraid that they didn’t like it and almost started crying. Suddenly, everyone began to smile and clapped until their house almost collapsed. They shouted bravo and praised Emánek.

He wasn’t used to it, he blushed terribly and even wanted to hide. The ghosts filled him with questions – how is it possible that he had never manifested himself like this. Pizzaliked said it for him – when he is so shy, it is clear that no one could know. The ghosts said that sometimes they still have to organize a competition like that, because they all really enjoyed it.

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