Little Red Riding Hood Anna

Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Anna. Anna was seven years old and very pretty. Anna’s eyes were blue, and her curly hair was red.

“Anna, see what I made for you.” Mrs. Davis, Anna’s mom, said, walking into the room.

Anna turned to look at her mom.

“What’s that?” Anna asked, looking at the red clothe in her mom’s hand.

“How about you come and have a look?” Her mom asked.

Anna hurriedly jumped from her chair and ran towards her mom. Anna’s mom raised the cloth for Anna to take a look at.

Fairy Tale For Children Little Red Riding Hood. A little girl with a red coat and a red cap walking through a beautiful green forest with a basket and flowers.
Little Red Riding Hood, Annie I.

“Wow, is that for me?” Anna asked.

“Do you like it?” Mrs. Davis asked.

“I love it, mom. This is a red coat and red is my favorite color.” Anna couldn’t hide her excitement.

“This isn’t just any red coat Anna. Look, there’s a hood.” Mrs. Davis pointed out.

“Oh my goodness, this is beautiful mom, I love it.” Anna said, hugging her mom.

Mrs. Davis hugged back her daughter. She went on her knees and kissed Anna on the cheek.

“How about you try this on?” She asked?”

Anna hastily wore the red coat over her body and looked up at her mom,

“How do I look?”

“You look beautiful, my darling.”

“Promise me that you’ll always wear this coat whenever you’re leaving the house.”

“Why’s that?” Anna innocently asked.

“There’s a wolf lurking around in the woods.” Mrs. Davis told her daughter.

“A wolf?” Anna asked, surprised.

“Yes, sweetheart. Your daddy and the village men have been hunting the beast for days.” Mrs. Davis informed her daughter.

“I guess the wolf doesn’t want to be caught.” Anna replied.

“This red coat will help protect you against the wolf. Once it sees you in this coat, it will never be able to harm you.” Mrs. Davis explained.

“Why don’t we call this coat a red riding hood?” Anna suggested.

“Yes, that a great idea.”

“I promise to always wear this hood whenever I’m leaving home, mom.” Anna promised.

Mrs. Davis kissed her daughter before walking towards the kitchen.

The following day, Anna had just had her lunch when her dad walked into the room.

“Anna darling, your grandma is ill.” He informed her.

“Oh poor grandma. What is wrong with her?” Anna worriedly asked.

“She is down with fever. Your mom wants you to take food to her cottage.” He said.

“I’ll be glad to.” Anna said, jumping from her chair.

“Good girl. How about you wear your shoes?”

Anna hurriedly wore her boots and walked out of her room. She met her mom waiting for her with a basketful of food and fruits.”

“The fruits will help with her appetite.” Anna’s mother said.

“Okay mom.”

Anna picked the basket and was halfway out of the house when she suddenly remembered.

“Oh mom, dad, I forgot to pick my red riding hood.” She exclaimed.

“That’s correct. I’m glad you remembered the promise you made me.”

Anna dropped the basket on the floor and dashed to her room. She returned almost immediately with the red riding hood in her arm.

“Why don’t you put it on?” Her dad asked her.

Okay, daddy.”

Anna quickly wore the red riding hood, and her mom helped her tied the sash.

‘You’re beautiful.” Her parents smiled.

Anna blew kisses at them before picking the basket and running out of the house. Within minutes, she was on her way to her grandma’s cottage.

Halfway through her journey, she heard something.

“Hi, little red riding hood…” A male voice called.

“Hi…” Anna smiled back at the man,

He was young and healthy.

“What’s your name?” He asked her.

“I’m Anna.”

“I think I’ll call you Red.” He smiled.


“I love your red coat. Who made it for you?” He asked her.

“My mom specially made this for me.” She proudly told him.

“Can you remove it let me have a look?” The man asked her.

“I’m sorry, I promised my mom never to remove it once I’m out of my house.”

“Why is that so?”

“Haven’t you heard of the wolf parading the village?” Anna asked the man.

“I’m sorry, I’m new here. So where are you going?” He asked her.

“Oh, my grandma is ill and I’m taking these to her.” She said, pointing at the basket.

Anna bid the man farewell and went on her way. Soon, she reached her grandma’s cottage. She walked in and found the stranger inside.

“How did you get in here?” She asked, surprised

“Take off your coat.” The man smiled.

Before Anna could react, the man turned into a large black wolf.

“You’re the wolf?” She asked.

The wolf tried to grab Anna but couldn’t. The red coat protected her from him. He tried again, but his strength began to wear off. Suddenly, the door opened, and Anna’s grandmother, Anna’s father, and some villagers appeared. They captured the wolf, and Anna was happily united with her grandma.

“We tract the wolf to this place. Your grandma, temporary left the cottage to get some herbs and we met in the woods.” Anna’s father explained.

“Your father wasn’t worried about you. He knew that the wolf wouldn’t be able to harm you with the coat.” Her grandma explained.

“The wolf has been caught. I’m glad because he won’t be able to harm anyone again.” Anna danced happily.

She was glad that her mom made that coat for her.

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