Little car in the snowdrift

There was a little red car that loved the cold. It liked snow and big snowdrifts. That’s why in one of these snowstorms it set off on its way to town. 

It came to a crossroads. But which way should it go? Would it take the nice, rutted road? That’s a longer journey. The other road was a shortcut, but it wasn’t maintained in winter. It was full of snow.

“I’ll pass,” said the little car confidently, and set off on the snowy road.

Little car in the snowdrift. Image source:

The car slid under its wheels, but pushed bravely through the snow drifts. It was almost on the top of the hill when it felt it had fallen in. Its rear wheels were spinning and sliding in the snow. It wasn’t going forwards and backwards. The little car began to cry and cry for help.

The bus heard his cries. It came to the car. The bus handed the rope to the red car, the red car caught the rope and the bus took over. He pulled, pulled, but he was too weak. Soon, its wheels began to spin and sink into the snow. So the little car and the bus were left standing there, both calling for help.

Their voices woke up the truck. It drove up to them. The car tied itself to the bus, the bus handed the rope to the truck and the truck started forward. He pulled and pulled, the cars were almost moving, but finally they slid back into the snow. The truck tried to start again, but the snow held it and wouldn’t let go. So he stayed there too.

The tractor drove by and saw the unfortunate little cars buried in the snow. He knew immediately that he had to help them. 

“Red car, why are you driving this way?” he asked the red car when he reached the snowy hill.

“I like the snow very much. But I forgot I don’t have wheels as big as yours, tractor. I’ll be careful next time, really. Just please help me out.”

And so the car tied itself behind the bus, the bus tied itself behind the truck, the truck handed the rope to the tractor and the tractor tied itself to the car. All he had to do was puff a little and he was pulling the cars behind him like geese on a string. 

“Hooray!” The cars cheered and thanked the tractor for saving them.

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