About a stubborn and naughty little tractor

Behind a deep forest by a large field stood a large farm. Next to the farm was a huge barn. In it lived two extraordinary machines. A big tractor and a little tractor. Both of them helped the farmer in the field with everything that was needed on the farm. The big tractor was strong and wise. He knew exactly what to do and how to do it. The little tractor was a handy helper, but he was naughty, stubborn and sometimes did things his own way. And that was not good.

One time, the little tractor and the big tractor went with the farmer to the field. That was outside the woods. It was a huge field and there was a lot of work to do. The big tractor was not lazy and started right away. The little tractor helped a lot too. The farmer was very happy to have such helpers. When the work on the field was almost done, something unexpected happened.

When the farmer was getting into the big tractor, his foot slipped. He tried to catch himself on the machine, but didn’t make it. He fell straight to the ground and hurt himself badly. The big tractor immediately called the little tractor and told him, “Little tractor, hurry up. Go to the village for help. Don’t go through the forest. There’s a swamp there and you’ll get stuck. Even if it’s shorter, it’s dangerous. I’ll wait here with the farmer. You’re faster, so go.”

Fairy Tale For Children About a stubborn and naughty little tractor
About a stubborn and naughty little tractor, Annie I.

The little tractor turned and was going so fast that the wheels were dusty. He picked corners, dodged animals, and then reached the woods. He was supposed to go around it, but it was much shorter through the woods. And so, again, the tractor disobeyed and made its own decisions. He took off into the woods. He liked the journey. The forest path ran under the wheels. The trees were just passing by the windows.

Then, all of a sudden, a swamp appeared in front of the tractor. But he was going so fast he didn’t have time to stop. He drove into it at full speed and couldn’t move. He couldn’t start it, he couldn’t turn the wheels, nothing. All he could do was scream for help.

Meanwhile, a big tractor was waiting in the field with an injured farmer. The little tractor still wouldn’t come back, so the big tractor figured something was wrong. So he carefully put the farmer under a nearby tree and said to him, “Farmer, don’t worry, I’ll go get help and find the little tractor too. Wait here and don’t move. Nothing will happen to you here.”

And then he went. He padded his way across the fields and meadows until he came to a forest. He heard the little tractor calling for help. So he went after him. But he rode carefully, and even from a distance he could see the little tractor stuck in the swamp. He quickly grabbed him and pulled him out. He was very angry with him, but he didn’t have time to say anything. All he could manage was, “Hurry. Our farmer is waiting. He’s hurt. Hurry to the village!”

And so they both gathered the last of their strength and rushed for help. They found a doctor with an ambulance and took him to the farmer. Everything worked out fine.

In the evening, when the farmer was in his bed and both tractors were in the barn, the big tractor leaned over to the little one and said: “You have endangered everyone today because of your disobedience. You could have gone bad in the swamp for good, and I could have gotten stuck when I rescued you. If we had both got stuck in there, who would have saved the farmer?” “I know. I’m so sorry,” the little tractor replied sadly. The big tractor was not angry with him for a long time, but the little tractor already knew that if he was stubborn and didn’t listen, it could be dangerous.

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