Frogs Hop and Jump 

Beyond a few woods and a few fields was a pond. A few water lilies were floating on it and reeds grew around it. There were regular sounds coming from the reeds. “Quack, quack, quack.” Such croaking meant that two frogs were having a row by the pond. Their names were Hop and Jump. They were two frog brothers. They had lived by the pond for a long time. During the day they hid from the sun in the reeds, and in the evening they would lie down on a water lily to croak their bedtime song. The people who lived by the pond got so used to it that they couldn’t sleep without it. But one evening something was different.

As darkness fell and the stars slowly peeked out in the sky, there was complete silence. Nothing could be heard from the pond. No croaking. Not even a little quack. Just nothing. Something must have happened. Grandfather Joseph also lived near the pond, and he had always taken care of the pond and of course knew the little frogs. He knew that if he didn’t hear them croaking goodnight in the evening, something went wrong. So he went to the pond to see what was going on.

Fairy Tale For Children Frogs Hop and Jump 
Frogs Hop and Jump

He walked slowly through the reeds, brushing each stalk aside with his stick. When suddenly, a little frog, Jump, appeared in front of him. He was jumping so high in front of Joseph that Grandfather couldn’t help wondering. “What’s the matter, Jump, is something wrong with your brother?” Grandfather asked the little frog, taking him gently in his hand. Jump nodded his head wildly. “Then take me to him. Quickly please,” said Grandfather Joseph and put the froggy down. He hopped deep into the reeds and led the old grandfather to his brother.

Hop was laying on his back, breathing heavily. Grandfather bent down to him, listened to his breathing, and then noticed his distended belly. “Hop has a sick belly. He must have eaten something bad. He needs the healing herbs as soon as possible. Don’t worry. I’ll take him to my house, make him a water bath and give him the herbs. He’ll be fine in a few days, but we must hurry up. We must act quickly. Follow me,” Grandfather said to Jump, taking Hop gently in his hands.

He hurried home as quickly as possible. He made Hop a water bath, soaking him regularly, giving him the medicinal herbs that only Grandfather knew how to make. In the meantime, Jump kept an eye on his brother, waiting for him to get better.

In a few days Hop was as fit as before. I mean, like a frog. His belly had flattened and didn’t hurt. Grandpa Joseph could put him back by the pond.

Hop and Jump are both happy in the reeds again. They croak good night every night and Grandfather falls asleep to it. Both frogs are grateful to Grandfather for taking good care of their pond and all who live there.

They also know that they have to be careful what they eat.

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