The Emperor’s New Suit

Many years ago, there lived an emperor who cared too much about his looks. He liked to wear the most fancy suits and parade around his kingdom. He had a new coat for evry hour of the day and often liked to show off his outfits.

He did not care much for the kingdom and the people were not happy with their emperor. One day, two crooks came to the city and lied that they were weavers. They told the people that they could manufcature the finest cloth they could ever imgaine.

They said the cloth was magical and that the cloth could only be seen only the clever and those fit for their places. The dress was so special that no ordinary man could see it. The people of the city were amazed and astonished by the words of the weavres.

Soon, the emperor heard of the weavres and invited them to his castle.

“If I were to be dressed in this special suit, I will know which men in my empire are unfit for their places, and I would be able to know the clever and the stupid. I must have this cloth woven for me without delay“ , said the emperor.

The crooks asked for gold and the finest silk and the most precious gold-cloth. the emperor gave them all they asked and told them to begin weaving the dress immediately.

The emperor wanted to wear the new suit at the annual grand parade where everyone in the city would gather around to watch the emperor pass by.

The crooks pretended to be hard at work and bought several candles to burn all night so that everyone will think they were working hard on the emperor’s new suit.

The people fell for their trick and praised the weavers. The crooks did nothing all day but laugh at the foolishness of the emperor.

Soon, the emperor wanted to see his new suit but the weavers told him that it was not ready to be seen yet. The emperor grew impatient and decided to send his old minsiter to spy on the weavers.

The old minister was surprised to see that the weavers were not weaving any dress at all! The weavers pointed at empty looms and told him the colors and patterns on the dress but he could not see anythimg.

The old minsiter was worried that he was unfit for his position and he did not want the emperor to know of this. He returned to the emperor and told him that his new suit was very beautiflu and colorful.

The emperor was plaeased and appointed the crooks new imperial court weavers. The crooks laughed at the emperor’s foolishness for he did not know he was being tricked.

The day of the parade came and the weavers brought an invisble suit to the empror. The emperor was worried because he could not see anything at all.

The weavers wore him an invisible coat and trousers. The emperor did not want them to know that he was unfit for his position. He was worried about what the people would say.

He pretended to wear this invisible suit and told the weavers that the new suit was very beautiful and colorful but in fact, ther was no coat or trouser.

The emperor’s  chamberlains, who were to carry the train, stretched their hands to the ground and pretended to lift up a train, and hold something in their hands. They did not want the people to know that they could not see anything.

The emperor marched in the procession under the beautiful canopy, and everyone started to laugh at him. “The emperor has nothing on at all,” cried the people.

The emperor was sorry that he had been tricked and the people were right but there was nothing he could do. He continued to march and the chamberlains continued to walk, carrying a train that did not exist.

The Emperor's New Suit
The Emperor’s New Suit, Image source
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