Little Magic Star

You may have noticed that one star in the sky is always brighter than the others. Her name is Pole Star and she is the most magical of all the stars. She can make wishes come true!

But it’s not just that. When you make a wish, you have to look at Pole Star and then say your wish out loud. Don’t forget to thank Pole Star, and most importantly, and perhaps most importantly, you must believe that your wish can come true!

Little Magic Star
Little Magic Star

How does the Star do it? It wanders the sky and keeps a close eye on what’s happening on the ground. When she sees someone looking hard in her direction, she quickly pricks up her star-shaped ears. She has an interesting skill, she can hear what people are thinking! She has many friends among the stars and clouds in the sky, and when she knows a wish is real, she always knows who to turn to to help her make it come true.

Children often wish for new toys. Boys get diggers and cars, girls get dolls and teddy bears. It’s not hard to make a wish come true. It’s always the Star who talks to Santa Claus and on Christmas Eve the children find exactly the toy they wished under the Christmas tree. But sometimes Pole Star has to face some really difficult tasks. When the children wish for their sick mother to get well, for their lost dog to be found or for their friend to make peace with. Then, in the daytime, to keep her light out of sight, Pole Star secretly flies down among the people and nudges them in various ways, whispers in their ears and leads them by the hand so that exactly what the unlucky little one wished happens. And it always comes true, really. All you have to do is believe in it!

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