How Peter Rabbit got his new coat

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit lived with his mother and sisters in a burrow dug under a tall fir tree. Every day the little rabbits went to play in the meadow and the forest. Their mother always begged them to avoid Mr. Gregor’s garden. Especially Peter, who lost his blue coat and both his shoes there the last time. Now he had to wear an old worn brown coat, which he didn’t like at all. He was strangling and biting, but what should he do as he lost his own.

“Peter, listen well,” his mother told him. “I’m going shopping. Then go and play in the meadow and avoid Mr. Gregor’s garden.”

But Peter was the naughtiest rabbit. As soon as his mother disappeared around the bend on the way to town, he would run straight towards Mr. Gregor’s garden.

Fairy Tale For Children How Peter Rabbit got his new coat
How Peter Rabbit got his new coat, Annie I.

“I want my blue coat back,” he grumbled under his whiskers. “And while I’m there, I’ll have a sweet carrot.”

Carefully he squeezed between the sheets of the fence into the garden. But what? Peter was startled to find Mr. Gregor standing in the garden! But it was only a scarecrow. Now look, the scarecrow is wearing his blue coat! Oh, my! Peter stood on his toes but the coat was too high. What now?

But then he noticed the carrots and forgot all about the coat. He immediately pulled one out and started crunching.

“You! You’re eating my carrot again!” He heard a thunderous voice behind him. It was Mr. Gregor, with a net in his hands, rushing towards him.

Peter Rabbit didn’t wait for anything and started to run away. But as he was crawling through the trees, his coat caught on the wood.

“Oh no, I’ve lost another coat again. Mummy will be angry!”

And he burst into tears. Agatha the cat saw everything. She was Mr. Gregor’s cat, but her heart was in the right place.

“Don’t cry, little rabbit. I’ll help you. I’ll make you a new coat. But you promise to be more careful.”

Peter Rabbit was happy to promise Agatha that. Then Agatha took Mr. Gregor’s pyjamas off the line with her claw and made a new coat for Peter. It suited him very well, and even had little carrots on it.

“Thank you, Agatha, I’ll take more care of myself and my clothes now,” said Peter, and he couldn’t get enough of his new coat. His mother was also very surprised to see him in it at home. She didn’t even have time to be angry with him for disobeying her. Peter already knew he should be more careful. He might not And Mr. Gregor? He was very surprised tonight that he had a hole cut in his pyjamas.

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