Fortune of Emily

Once upon a time, there was a pretty girl named Emily. She lived with her old grandmother in a small cottage near a forest. They were quite poor, and they had only a flock of sheep and a cow. Every day she used to go to the field with the sheep and the flute she used to play when she was alone. However, she could play it nicely.

One beautiful evening she went to the field with her flute. After that, she sat under a big tree to play the flute. Emily was looking at the beauty of the sunset. She was so tired and was fallen into sleep.

While she was sleeping, she saw a beautiful dream. A beautiful angel was standing in front of her. “Who are you?” Emily asked.

Fortune of Emily
Fortune of Emily

“Oh, dear child! Haven’t you heard about me?”

I’m Rosario. I’m the angel who brings you happiness.

Emily was quite happy. She remembered her Grandmother.

“Would you please grant us happiness? Because my grandmother is always unhappy. The angel thought for a while.

She asked, “Do you like to present your flute for me?”.

Emily was so upset. Because it was the only thing, she had from her father. But she thought about her grandmother. “Ok, I will give you this. Please bring us happiness for my family.” The angel was very much happy about her. She held the hand of Emily. “I’m really happy with you, Emily. “You are so generous. I will give you a lot of rewards for your kindness”. Suddenly Emily was awakened. She opened her eyes. Then she saw a pot of golden coins at her feet. She ran home happily with the pot of golden coins. After that, they lead a happy life. She did not forget to thank the angel when she was praying.

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