Morsel – the Little Dog

Once upon a time, there lived a small dog. He is very short and cute. Because of that, all his friends were calling him “Morsel”. He was very friendly and kind to all his friends. He had no exact best friend because all the animals around him were his friends.

Morsel – the Little Dog
Morsel – the Little Dog

One day a strange thing happened. When he was sleeping at his home, he heard someone was shouting loud. He lifted one ear and listened to the sound very carefully. He realized it was his little friend Mr. bird.

Morsel ran fast through the way of sound.

At that time, he saw Mr. Bird was sinking at the lake. “Oh, morsel please help me” shouted the bird. Morsel got a super idea. He grabbed one side of a stick from his mouth and pointed the other side at the bird. Slowly the bird came out from the lake. He was very thankful for Morsel. Morsel was very happy and he returned home.

Another day when Morsel was playing his paw got stuck at a bushed thicket. He got hurt and cried. “Somebody help me!”, he was shouting for help. At that time Mr. bird and his family were flying above that place.

Quickly they came to morsel and all of them were pulling out the thickets away. Finally, Morsel escaped. “Thank you, Mr. Bird you saved me!” said Morsel.

“It’s my pleasure morsel. You are very kind and helpful. Good ones are never alone at hard times” said the bird.

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