The Airplane That Only Thought About Itself

In the middle of a big city there was a large airport. Both small and big airplanes were parked there. The smaller ones flew on scenic and sightseeing trips, and the larger ones carried a lot of people on vacations and flew to faraway countries. But among the big planes, one was feeling unhappy. It wanted to just fly around the country, as fast as it felt like. It didn’t want to transport a lot of people and have each route planned in advance. That’s why it decided that it would start flying just for itself. At least until it almost caused an accident.

It happened on a nice sunny afternoon. The large passenger plane was supposed to fly to a faraway island. When people boarded it, there was not a single seat left unoccupied. The passenger plane was completely full. The pilot sat down in the cabin, checked the controls, greeted the passengers, and turned on the engines. Slowly, he steered the plane into the sky. Everything was going according to plan. People inside the plane were happy, the pilot had everything under control, and people enjoyed the views in the nice weather. *The plane that only thought about itself. Image source:*

The Airplane That Only Thought About Itself
The Airplane That Only Thought About Itself

But suddenly the plane decided that this was not what it wanted and that it had enough of this. It wanted to be as free as a bird. Fly wherever it wished. It sped up, then took sharp turns, then ascended. The pilot didn’t know what to do. He tried all the control levers. Nothing worked. The plane had completely turned off the controls. It flew how it wanted. Up, down, right, then left. It completely forgot that it was carrying so many people. But after a while, something unpredictable happened.

Suddenly, clouds appeared in the sky. They were quickly converging, and a few seconds later, rain started falling. The wind picked up. Visibility worsened. The rain was pelting the plane from all sides. The plane grew scared. It didn’t have the strength to fly against the wind and felt that it needed to land.

But where? Since it’s been flying however it wanted, it had completely changed the direction of the flight. It wasn’t near any airports. The plane looked around until it spotted a large field up ahead. Spacious enough and long enough for the plane to land there. And so the plane gathered all its strength and headed for the field.

The pilot was scared, and tried to help the plane, but the controls were still not working fully. The plane was getting closer to the field. It braked with all its might. Finally, after a few bumps, it stopped in the large field among stalks of grain. The passengers started clapping. They were happy that it had ended well.

The pilot thanked the plane: “Thank you, plane, for landing so nicely with all of us aboard. You are our hero.” The plane was ashamed. Everyone was thanking it, but no one knew that it was the plane’s fault that they had flown into the storm. It had to confess. It started speaking aloud so that all the passengers could hear it.

“I’m not a hero. I might have saved you, but we got caught in the storm because of me. I wasn’t happy with flying according to regulations, so I turned off all the controls and flew however I wanted. But then the storm came. I’m so sorry. Now I know that I can’t be this stubborn. I must cooperate with the pilot. Please don’t be angry,” the airplane lowered its lights sadly.

The passengers and the pilot forgave the airplane and were glad that everyone had gotten out of this alive. They agreed that they would allow the plane to do a few scenic flights now and then so that the airplane might get its share of fun and enjoyment. And in return, the airplane promised that it would never do things selfishly just for itself.

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