Where does the rainbow begin

A Fairy Tale for Children - Where Does The Rainbow Begin

After winter comes spring. The grass begins to turn green. The meadows begin to sprout colourful flowers. Animals begin to wake from their winter slumber. Flocks of birds fly back to us from warm places. The sun is getting warmer and it’s warmer everywhere. Sometimes an unexpected warm spring rain drenches our land. When it rains and the sun shines, something beautiful and colourful appears in the sky. You know what? It’s a rainbow. No one has ever seen it begin or end. No one knows how it got here. But I know the story of a little girl who found the magic of the rainbow.

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Luciana the painter

Tale for Reading - Luciana The Painter

There once was a beautiful cottage which stood by a big lake, in complete solitude. It was different from the others. Each of its walls was painted in a completely unusual colour. The cottage had colourful flowers painted around its door, ladybugs painted around its windows, passing horses painted on its walls and trees seemingly in bloom on its roof. All the pictures looked as if they were alive. The whole cottage was like a fairy tale. But who lived in such a beautiful house? The painter Luciana lived there.

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Lazy Molly

Tale at Night - Lazy Molly

In a green valley there was a small cabin. The cabin had white windows and a balcony full of flowers. In the house there lived a girl called Molly. She was a good girl, but very lazy. Her curly hair was always tangled because she was too lazy to comb it. Her cheeks were dirty because she didn’t want to wash them. She never cleaned her little room. She never helped her mother with anything. She just didn’t want to. She was too lazy.

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When Scaredy stopped being afraid

Tales for Reading - When Scaredy Stopped Being Afraid

In a beautiful wooden house, upstairs in the attic in the childrens room, a little boy was sleeping. His hair was as brown as chestnuts and his eyes as blue as a well. He was a good boy, but every night he was scared. He was afraid of the dark and the sounds that came from the attic. He was even afraid of the sound of the brook that was near their house. That’s why no one called him anything but “Scaredy”. He was afraid of everything.

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