Luciana the painter

Tale for Reading - Luciana The Painter

There once was a beautiful cottage which stood by a big lake, in complete solitude. It was different from the others. Each of its walls was painted in a completely unusual colour. The cottage had colourful flowers painted around its door, ladybugs painted around its windows, passing horses painted on its walls and trees seemingly in bloom on its roof. All the pictures looked as if they were alive. The whole cottage was like a fairy tale. But who lived in such a beautiful house? The painter Luciana lived there.

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The Well of Wishes and Answers

Tale for Reading - The Well Of Wishes And Answers

Far outside the town, so far that there were no houses or buildings, there was a well. It was very deep. The water in it was beautifully clean. There was a bucket hanging on the edge of the well. It could be lowered down and anyone who wanted to could draw water and drink. But it wasn’t ordinary water. Nor was the well ordinary. It was the well of wishes and answers.

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How Barbara met the bear

Fairy Tale For Children - How Barunka met the bear

Beyond several villages and several rivers there was a deep forest. There were trees that had lots of leaves but also those who had needles. In the middle of this forest there was a feeder and a short distance from it there was a  high seat. This is a kind of small lookout where the hunter goes to watch the animals and keep an eye on what is happening in the forest.

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Lazy Molly

Tale at Night - Lazy Molly

In a green valley there was a small cabin. The cabin had white windows and a balcony full of flowers. In the house there lived a girl called Molly. She was a good girl, but very lazy. Her curly hair was always tangled because she was too lazy to comb it. Her cheeks were dirty because she didn’t want to wash them. She never cleaned her little room. She never helped her mother with anything. She just didn’t want to. She was too lazy.

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When Scaredy stopped being afraid

Tales for Reading - When Scaredy Stopped Being Afraid

In a beautiful wooden house, upstairs in the attic in the childrens room, a little boy was sleeping. His hair was as brown as chestnuts and his eyes as blue as a well. He was a good boy, but every night he was scared. He was afraid of the dark and the sounds that came from the attic. He was even afraid of the sound of the brook that was near their house. That’s why no one called him anything but “Scaredy”. He was afraid of everything.

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The Little Fairy and the Wicked Witch

Tale for Reading - The Little Fairy And The Wicked Witch

In the middle of a deep forest there stood a small wooden cottage. It looked very old. It had holes in the roof, its windows and doors creaked, and it was all dirty. In this little cottage lived a witch. She was an old woman with a big nose and a wart. But the worst part wasn’t what she looked like, it was what she was. She was very bad. She talked bad about others, lied and made things up so that all the people in the forest wouldn’t like her. But one day she met someone who made her think about her behavior.

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Two princesses

Tales for Reading - Two Princesses

Once upon a time, beyond the seven rivers and seven mountains there stood a kingdom. In it lived a wise king and his queen. Together they had two daughters. Both princesses were very beautiful and clever. They both had long hair that waved beautifully. They always wore beautiful dresses. They smiled at everyone and were very friendly and kind. They loved to go into the garden and sing and dance among the trees and flowers. They were very good at it. When they were dancing, it looked like they weren’t touching the ground. They did everything with joy and complete ease.

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