Christmas nursery

I’ll tell you something: Even Christmas trees have a nursery. Honestly, they do. Just not a nursery like your little kids have, where are doors, toys and teachers. Christmas trees have a nursery in a beautiful, green forest. Under a blue sky. With sunshine. With clouds. With rain. And snowflakes. Really!

There, every Christmas tree first sleeps in the ground like a seed. Neatly tucked in like a cotton ball. Well, it’s still crawling around like a baby in a brown blanket. He snoozes there peacefully and then he wonders… Where is it? Suddenly he thinks he sees roots and a conifer crown growing. And indeed the seed is no longer a seed, but a small spruce. Or a little fir tree. Or a tiny pine tree. And it’s stretching its little arms as high as it can reach into the sky. As if to touch the white tufts that run across the sky.

Christmas Nursery
Christmas Nursery

So he grows up and suddenly he’s not a conifer baby anymore. And he gets moved to a big forest school. Just like you’ll go when you grow up.

He’s just having a good time there. Conifer friends like to sway in the wind with. The rain showers them and the sun dries them. Snowflakes sit on the twigs and cool the tiny conifer fingers.

And so they play together for years until they grow into tall, healthy Christmas trees.

Before you realize it, one of them is in your living room where you decorate it with Christmas ornaments and other sweet treats. The soft melodies of Christmas carols ring in your ears. Happy, peace and quiet reigns throughout the house.

But just as you rejoice, so does the Christmas tree. And who wouldn’t rejoice at the sight of the happiness in the eyes of the children as they gather from under the branches of the Christmas tree all those wonderful toys they have wanted so much all year?

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